Blac-Rac 1070

The 1070 is a multi-weapon gun rack that accommodates a variety of popular sporting rifles with pistol grip stocks like the AR/M4 as well as many others including handguns.  A stock adapter is included which increases the versatility of the 1070 by giving you the option to secure conventional stock rifles and shotguns.

The 1070 can be purchased for use in an overhead configuration.  When the 1070 is installed in this manner, the weapon would be horizontal or parallel to the roof of the vehicle with the lever on the bottom side.  The rack is the same except that the posts are installed in the right side plate as your are looking at it.  This helps prevent the weapon from falling free when the lever is pulled to the open position.  Always keep a hand on the weapon when the rack is opened.

The 1070 can be ordered with an integrated lock and key or with a 3/8 padlock loop so you can use the lock of your choice.

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one gun rack - hundreds of firearms


Multi-Weapon Gun Rack

dual 1070 gun racks mounted in rzr utv holding ar15
1070 gun rack mounted overhead in utv holding bolt action rifle
1070 gun rack overhead with ar15 in back of utv

mount to flat surfaces

Mount a T-Channel to any flat surface allowing for concealment inside homes, trunks of vehicles, etc.  The Blac-Rac  can pivot 360° in addition to vertical height adjustment dependent upon the length of T-Channel chosen.

The available  Stud Mount Bracket rotates the Blac-Rac 90°  which places the weapon closer to the wall or mounting service.   It can be used by itself or  with a T-Channel.

mount to Roll Bars

Use a Tube-Mount to secure your BLAC-RAC to any round tube or bar.  Common applications are for overhead mounting in UTV’s and Jeeps.  The Blac-Rac can pivot 360° or offset to the left up to 45°.

Our JK Jeep mount installs directly to the square tube of the roll bar.  No drilling or tapping required.  Not compatible with speaker box.


materials matter

We source the highest quality parts to provide a premium product.  The 1070 gun rack is made from  3/16″ steel and welded to provide a strong, secure, and safe place to secure your firearm. 


weather the storm

Everything on our gun racks is chosen to ensure corrosion resistance in every harsh climates.  The  all metal body is powder coated to prevent scratching and rusting.  The plate pads are composed of a specialized polymer highly resistant to UV damage so cracking overtime will not occur.  All fasteners are stainless steel.

1070 buggy ak47 snow

quick deployment

Most gun racks boast the ability to secure your gun wherever, but, most times it can be difficult to actually deploy your weapon quickly.  With the 1070 gun rack you can deploy your weapon in seconds.