mission statement

Blac-Rac designs and produces firearm retention systems for tactical and civilian applications.

An Original Design

Kevin Pintar is an experienced manufacturing operations executive, recreational sport shooter, and firearm collector. In the mid 2000s, as Kevin’s interest in shooting increased, he was looking for a way to secure his long-barrel (rifle-like) guns in his home. He came up with a bracket that met his safety needs while allowing flexibility for securing different types of guns.

When he received enough encouragement from fellow shooters, and after surveying the market, Kevin recognized that his design was unique, and sought to market it as a product to secure long barrel guns for home use. He submitted an application for a patent.

A Gun Show in Vegas

Kevin refined the design, made up some prototypes, and invested in exhibiting at a large gun show in Las Vegas. This show had two distinct sections: recreational shooters (sport and hunting), and security (police, agency and military). To Kevin’s dismay, he discovered his exhibit location was not in the recreational building, but in the security section.

He assumed his $5,000 investment would go for naught, but decided to go ahead with the show in the hopes that some of the recreational attendees would happen through the security section. First one, then several police chiefs stopped by, each asking if Kevin’s gun rack could be adapted to fit in a police car. After some 25 such requests over three days, Kevin made an appointment to visit a police car garage in Washington State to see what they could do. Three days later, modifications and features were identified.

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Going Full-Time

Kevin returned to Boise, invested in manufacturing tools, and with the help of his friend Tom Torres, set up shop in his garage and on his wife’s kitchen table. With his first production models, he attended an annual SWAT Show in Orlando, Florida in 2008. Product value was recognized, and sales began.

Kevin left his 15 year position as an operations executive with the ECCO Group to pursue his new product full time. He named the product “Blac-Rac”, since the rack was designed to hold all types of tactical weapons, known in the industry as “Black Weapons”.

From Garage to Production Plant

Around 2010, the requirements of a growing business-led Kevin to consult with his friend and former ECCO CEO, Ed Zimmer. After months of strategizing, including some customer visits, Kevin and Ed decided to recapitalize the company, investing in volume production tooling, product engineering, marketing, working capital, and operational support. Blac-Rac was able to move out of the Pintar family garage and kitchen and into a small manufacturing facility in Meridian, Idaho.

Today, Blac-Rac Weapon Retention Systems are recognized and preferred by law enforcement and military agencies throughout North America and abroad as the most secure and reliable firearm racking system for professionals.

Kevin Pintar says that his philosophy for business is simple

Listen to your customers. Meet or exceed their requirements. Design it in America. Build it in America. Surround yourself with great people and suppliers. With this approach, you’ll enhance the lives of all involved.