*AR Retention Post

The AR Retention Post was designed specifically for AR/M4 type weapons with Mil-Spec lower receivers.  The AR Retention Post is machined from 304 stainless steel and enhances the safety and security of the 1082. The AR Retention Post is field upgradable and easy to install with a standard 1/4″ Allen wrench (not included).

Some AR/M4 lower receivers may not be compatible due to varying tolerances between manufacturers. A raised area in the middle of the trigger well of the lower receiver could prevent the AR Retention Post from properly inserting. Most manufacturers machine the area flat during production but some do not.

If you have questions about fitment or if you are using a Magpul Battery Assist Device (BAD Lever) or a similar type of bolt release, contact Customer Service.



*Patent Pending


*  Video shows an independent test performed on a 1082 with AR Retention Post by an undisclosed police agency.

ar retention post

Increase Security – Reduce Accidental Discharge

[Patent Pending]

heighten security

This improved retention post protects against theft by transferring forces exerted by pulling or yanking to the weapon’s lower reciever away from the trigger guard.  This places stress in locations which are less likely to fail.

graphic shows ar retention post distributing force to lower receiver of an ar15

increased safety

The intrinsic design protects the trigger during placement and removal of the weapon.  It does so by limiting the travel of the weapon while in the retention post.  This reduces the chance of an accidental discharge if a loaded weapon is inadvertently placed in the rack.

graphic illustrates the ar retention posts ability to avoid accidental discharge

simple upgrade

Designed specifically for the mil-spec AR/M4 lower receivers and is available for purchase for all 1080/1082’s currently in use.  The AR post utilizes the same bolt and mounting position as the current post allowing for a quick drop-in installation in the field.

the ar retention post can be swapped easily from your existing unit