Secure Your Firearm with the #1 Gun Rack Preferred by Professionals

Now Available to Consumers

Why Settle for a Standard Gun Rack?

Law enforcement, federal and military agencies across the United States rely on Blac-Rac weapon mounts for reliable security that adjusts to nearly all weapon types. It is now available to consumers for home and vehicle use.

Your Firearm Is Secure in Your Vehicle or Home, Immediately Accessible Only to You.

Why Choose Blac-Rac

Versatile Fit

Blac-Rac gun racks can secure over 200 firearms. From an AR-15 or M4 to a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, Blac-Rac is a perfect fit.

Unparalleled Durability

All steel construction provides durability and long-lasting performance. Your investment is safe with a lifetime guarantee.

Instant Access

It takes less than a second to remove your firearm. Industry-leading release times are a decisive factor when every second counts.

Ready to Use

No need to remove your magazine, optic, red-dot, and rail-mounted accessories.

Easy Installation

Professionals and civilians alike have installed Blac-Racs in vehicles, boats, aircraft and inside buildings.

Advanced Technology

Military and police units offer proprietary Cold Wire® technology that prevents unauthorized access.

Manufactured in the United States

We don’t move boxes from Asia to you. We design, manufacture, and support all Blac-Rac products directly from our factory in Boise, Idaho. Whether you’re a government or private sector customer, the weapon racks you buy receive the same stringent quality check from our in-house team.

Which Blac-Rac Do You Need?

Law Enforcement & Military

Weapon Retention Systems for Patrol and Tactical Applications


Weapon Retention Systems for Trucks, Jeeps, UTVs, or Home

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When It’s Not in Your Hands, It’s In Ours™

Need a Custom Mount?

We have broad experience customizing our products for your unique mounting needs. Contact us to explore your options for specialized or unique weapon mounts.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are built to last. Every Blac-Rac comes with a lifetime warranty.

70,000 Units in Use Worldwide FIX

Blac-Rac is a trusted supplier for the governments of the United States, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, and France.

Secure Your Weapon with a Military Grade Gun Rack

As we read news reports and listen to stories from our customers, our conviction of one truth only becomes stronger: Protecting your weapon is just as important as having a weapon to protect yourself, your team, or your family.

We work with military, police fleet managers, rangemasters, hunters, outdoorsman, gun enthusiasts, and private citizens who want the best firearm security for their homes and vehicles.