Multi-Weapon Gun Rack 

A Blac-Rac 1082 weapon retention system is mounted in a police K9 crusier
wall mounted 1086 gun rack with t-channel holding sig mdx
two 1082 gun racks were plunged through mud in the back of a utv
soldiers sighting in a target from utv with a 1082 gun rack mounted overhead holding ar15

mount to flat surfaces

Mount a T-Channel to any flat surface allowing for concealment inside homes, trunks of vehicles, etc.  While installing the Blac-Rac you can pivot it 360° in addition to vertical height adjustment dependent upon the length of T-Channel chosen.

We also make a Stud Mount Bracket which can yaw the 1082 90° to lie flat against mounting surface.   This can be used as a standalone product or in-conjunction with the T-Channel.

mount to Roll Bars

Use a Tube-Mount to secure your BLAC-RAC to any round tube or bar.  Common applications are for overhead mounting in UTV’s and Jeeps.  While installing the Blac-Rac you can pivot it 360°.

Partition mounting

Partition mounting is relatively straight-forward with the Blac-Rac system.  Our 18″ or 10″ T-Channel can bolt directly to a partition, in most cases allowing up to two Blac-Rac gun racks.  Our T-Channel’s allow for vertical adjustment so you can get the perfect fit for your vehicle.  

CAUTION: The user is responsible for determining the proper installation location, surface type, and that the mounting hardware used can hold the T-Channel and BLAC-RAC securely.


weather the storm

Everything on our gun racks is chosen to ensure corrosion resistance in every harsh climates.  Our all metal body is cast in 304 SS for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance.  Our plate pads are composed of a specialized polymer highly resistant to UV damage so cracking overtime will not occur.  All fasteners are stainless steel..

1070 buggy ak47 snow

priortize & accessorize

Blac-Rac is a paradigm shift in gun rack technology. Designed from the ground up to secure AR type weapons, the 1082 and 1070 utilizes two opposing side plates that secure the weapon while protecting the take down pins, magazine release, and trigger from tampering.  The unique design does not interfere with the top rail and hand guards so there is no need to remove any installed accessories like an optic, a laser or flashlight.  The single point mounting system provides enough clearance for weapons with up to a 30-round magazine to be installed.  

The 1082 and 1070 can also be used to secure a variety of other firearms like conventional stock rifles, shotguns, handguns, and dozens of other widely used tactical weapons. 



Our gun racks were designed to be easy to install and better yet capable of going almost anywhere.  Our T-Channel and Stud Mount design allows for easy concealment against walls or in the trunks of vehicles.  When you need to mount to your off-road vehicle we have several sizes of Tube Mounts to fit your bar.  This allows flexible options for mounting virtually anywhere on a roll cage.  We also have a specialized Jeep JK mount with several others in development for the JL and Gladiators.

two 1082 gun racks were plunged through mud in the back of a utv